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Customer testimonials

by Sandro | Mar 25, 2021

Here you can find customer testimonials from participants of the SelfMade Reality Challenges with Sandro Paolini:

I got a lot out of the 4 day challenge "SelfMade Reality". Sandro explained the whole process of manifesting in a playful way and underlined it with examples from life. I liked that we went through the individual tools of manifesting in detail. The workshop took place in a very relaxed and trusting atmosphere, in which Sandro took a lot of time for each participant and sensitively addressed the respective concerns. Overall, the Challange is highly recommended.
Sandro is a quiet, extraordinarily sympathetic and sensitive guy, with whom I had the feeling from the beginning to know him forever. That's why it was surprisingly easy for me to open up to him and the group. He recognizes the energetic and sometimes psychological blockages and construction sites of the various participants extremely quickly and is therefore able to convey targeted and extraordinarily effective tips, practices and thought-provoking impulses.
Business Manager
Thoughts, feelings, alignments create our future and we are the decision makers if we know the right rules. Sandro Paolini has given us valuable tools in the SelfMade Reality Challenge to invite a more fulfilling life. It is now up to us to put this knowledge into practice. Often it is the simple impulses that, properly implemented, reveal meaningful paths. I was allowed to experience it already.
I am grateful for this,
Gabriela Stewens
Front end Developer
A heartfelt thank you for all your inputs during the "Follow your gift" challenge in May/June. It has moved a lot with me. Probably the most important sentence you said was: "One step at a time, you don't have to know the next one yet." That freed me up again and again and calmed my head. And I think that's exactly why things were allowed to come that I couldn't have imagined. It's really a joy to be able to go through life like this. Thank you for your energy, your being, your words... and please feel free to continue all your steps, so that you can tell us about it 🙂
Full Stack Developer

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