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How to be Happy

Hello Sandro Paolini here and today we talk about Happiness and how to achieve  Happiness in a very easy and successful way.

I’m here in a river in Bali and i found it on Google Maps. So i drove here to see it and i think it looks quite cool. But there’s no way here to get down so i will just walk a little bit with you and you can walk with me.

So Happiness, what exactly is Happiness and how can you get it? The grandmaster of Coaching Tony Robbins said a very very profound thing. He always does, but this is really amazing and you should listen to it. He said:

When you have an inner wish of an inner reality and your outside world is different, totally different than that inner wish, you have an inner wish, you have an outside world and they do not match, right? He says when you’re inner reality and your outside world does not match, then you are unhappy! In contrast when your inner world is like the outer world you are happy!

Naturally, right? He says when you live in an environment that is not what you want to see and that is creating unhappiness in yourself and you have no idea how to change this, then he says, then you are not even unhappy, you get depressed. If you have no way to change your world, the way you want it to be, then you get depressed.

What does this tells us? There’s another saying from Esther and Jerry Hicks, who are very good in creating realities and talking about realities we create as humans. They say you have an idea how it should be, you walk towards the idea how you want, it to be

and then you achieve what you want to achieve. You achieve the point where you want to be and you get a new idea. You get a new idea how to make it even better than the way that it is now. You can make it even better than the way it is now.

Here this looks even better than the way before. They say you always create a gap between what is now and where you want to go and we humans – that’s life – we close the gap between our wishes and where we are. We are here, we have a wish there in the future, we walk into the future and we create our new reality.

Right? And when we achieved to create that new reality it doesn’t stop. We get a new idea and we get a new wish how it could be even better and then we walk toward that wish.

So that says me, if we take action – that’s why i have this cap – if we take action, we get more happy. Very simple! If you choose to take action towards what you want, what YOU want, not what i want, i want something different than you want, but if you take the necessary steps to achieve what YOU want then YOU get more happy. Very simple and it works!

That’s why i’m here in Indonesia now. Because when i see palm trees and i see surroundings like this i get naturally happy. I don’t know why it is, but i realized it is like that. So i choose to leave Europe. I was living a good life in Europe and choose to live in Asia, because i love palm trees, i love the heat, i love jungle. I love it! Really it touches my heart, it feels good for me and it is amazing for me to live in 30 grades heat all the time.

That’s not what you need to know, but what you need to know is, if you follow your wishes that might get true. That’s why they say be aware of what you think of, because it might get true. Right?

So again let’s break it down. So you drill it into your head and will never ever forget again. Okay? You take action. Not any action. If you just run out and make some things and then you have done a lot of action, that’s not what i mean for sure.

You need to think about what is it that i want? What is it really that i want? From here where do i want to go? Where is my next point where i want to stay? Where’s my next point that i want to reach? Where’s my next step that i can do?

And THIS next step is fucking important! Because you can take this next step, you make a new step and boom you made one step further towards your goal!

If you do that, you get more happy!
If you don’t do it, you get more unhappy.
Really life’s all about this.

Very simple breakdown of what is about life. What do you do with life? What do you want in life? How do you achieve things in life?

Simple, you think „Ah, i want to do this“, right? How do i achieve this? Let’s think about it, what is the next step that i can do to achieve it?

And you might say „Yeah, but i’ve tried several steps and nothing worked“, right? Nothing worked the way i wanted it to be. That might be true, but that means you need to try again. Don’t give up on your dreams, because who else should make them real if not you? Right?

So follow your dreams! Make steps. If you fail doing the steps, it’s a natural process. You need to fail. It’s inevitably to fail! Like i fail to speak out inevitably, because it’s not in my mind that i can fail. I cannot speak it out.

I know if i do it, i will succeed. Right? There’s no other way if i do it constantly and if i do it without doubt that i will succeed, i must succeed. There’s no other way in reality to get what you want. You will succeed easily, but you must do it.

And let’s be clear about action. What is action? Here is someone driving with the bike.

That is actually an action. You go from a to b. That is why i feel happy driving with a bike around. I see more things like this fantastic view. I love views like this. This is an action walking around and seeing things. It is an action to drive around and see things. Every step that brings you closer, a bit closer to the aim, that you want to see in your life, is a good step, is a good action, is a good thing to do.

What is not a good thing to do? I tell you! Not a good thing to do is to watch YouTube videos all day like this one, even though it’s a good one. It’s not a good thing to do to watch Facebook stuff every day. YouTube is better, because it answers questions you have. Facebook just steals your time! TikTok steals your time! Instagram steals your time! All are time wasters!

More and more i have the idea that all these services are built to steal our lifetime! Right? You have a lifetime. You have wishes you should bring them to an end, you should bring them into your reality, that’s the job of you and what do these services do? They comfort us. They give us space to hang around, look at some things and feel good about ourselves in a way. But if you watch it all day, you feel bad, right? Because you didn’t achieved anything! You just watched useless stuff mostly and wasted lifetime.

So, i wish you to do one thing. You stop the video, you stop the Smartphone, the Tablet, the Computer, whatever you’re using at that moment. You shut it down and you take a pen and you take a paper. And you write down, what is it, what i want? What exactly is it what i want? BE specific!

And then write down: What steps can i do to to achieve it? What steps can i do to reach my aim? What exactly are the next steps?

You don’t need to know all steps. You don’t need to know all steps that are needed. Most people think i need to know everything, right? No! You only need to know ONE step and do ONE step and after one step there comes the next step.  You get another idea, what to do. Okay?

So, i wish you a very good life. I wish you a very good day and i wish you very good fun with the next steps towards your aim and your aim goes the way to be happy, right?

So this is Sandro Paolini from Bali. It is kind of paradise for me. I choose to be here. I made it. It was a lot of work, yes, but i’m here now and can tell you how i did it.

I call this method, you can call it a method, it’s:

Being Happy through Doing
Being Happy through Taking Action
Being Happy through Taking Steps
Happiness through Doing

It just does not come from thinking. If you think all day „What is the next step?“ you won’t be happy. But if you do the steps, even if you fail, you will be much happier! Okay? So have a good time! Subscribe to the channel and i will see you soon! Bye!

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