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How to Shape your Reality exactly as you like it

Hello! Sandro Paolini here and today we’re going to discuss creating reality from inside to the outside world so that you create your Reality on your own terms and how you can do it.

So first of all how do we create reality from the inside to the outside. In my perspective you have an inner world. Every human has by the way. I have, you have, we all have an inner world and this inner world has a lot of experiences, beliefs, tragedies, luckies things that happened and so.

This is kind of your reality what you have experienced and what you believe, how the world is, right? And these Realities get kind of confirmed by life. That’s interesting because when you look at Reality like i do from a perspective of an observer: What is everybody experiencing? Then you realize: First reality gets confirmed! Whatever you believe, life shows you it’s true. So for example if you believe „money is hard to earn“, you will get proof that money is hard to earn.

If you for example believe „money is easy to earn“ because it’s everywhere and people like to have solutions for example and you can deliver solutions, then you will get proof that money is actually easy to earn.

And whatever you believe, you get a confirmation on that belief from life! And that means whatever you believe is true or can be true in your life. Whatever you believe, there’s not one truth, like okay this is the truth and all the others are false no.

Life is magic and all humansrunning around like me in this momenthave a different reality and have a different experience of life. If you watch reality like me as a observer, then you realize ah there are many realities in many people. And the real interesting thing is: Life manages to prove that this reality is true to everyone! That is amazing if you can see that!

For example there’s one guy that’s saying: Relationships are fantastic! Women are fantastic! Or if you’re a woman you can say: Men are fantastic and relationships are fantastic! I love it!

But there are many people that say: „Relationship sucks! My relationship sucks“ or „I suck in relationships“. Regardless what you believe, you will see proof in your reality. And when you have seen proof in the reality, normally what happens is, you believe that this is true. And what happens then is it gets thick, it gets constant, it gets stronger in you. So the question is not: „What is true?“ Because true is everything what you want to believe.

The question is: “What do i want to believe? Which reality i want to live in? Which reality would match my soul? Which reality would match my beliefs? Which beliefs would match the perfect reality i like to experience?“

Because these beliefs are like puzzle pieces. If you take a certain puzzle piece, it’s always the same piece and it always brings the same result, right? Like a stamp. If you believe for example „Money is hard to earn“, it’s like a stamp and boom you get a paper and you put a stamp on it: „Money is hard to earn“. Comes the next bill, put a stamp on it: „Money is hard to earn“. You see the repetition?

That’s reality inside. So let’s see what is this reality? Because inside is the stamp and outside is the experience and the proof. So there’s a connection between inside and outside, right?

If i for myself want to change in outer reality, let’s say i want to change the income i generate. But i do it on the outside world. So for example i have one job, but money is not enough. So i take on a second job or even a third job. I change the job to earn more money and then i try to solve the problem that i believe money is hard to earn.

But actually having three jobs, working all day and night, kind of not having any free time anymore, even if you earn more money, it still proves your belief „Money is hard to earn!“

Right? Correct! So let’s see it like glasses. For example these glasses, if i take them off, it’s always a bit blurry and if i take them on everything is sharp and perfect. If i take a sunglass for example, i take a blue sunglasses take them on and boom everything is blue, right? Now is the question: What can i do, outside in the world, in the real world to change the blue of the world? Any idea? Can i do anything to change the outside world? To change this blue in the outside world?

Actually not, because of my lens that i’m using. I cannot change the way how i look into the world, if i don’t change the lense i look through to the world. So for example i put the blue sunglasses off and take a yellow glass. A yellow sunglass and then magically the world is yellow.

Correct! So let’s switch this term of a lens and exchange this with a belief. For example i believe again, same thing, i believe „Money is easy or hard to earn“. Then this is a lens and i see the world through this lens. And whatever i see is kind of a proof of what i believe. So whatever i change in the outside world, will not change my inside belief. I’ve seen this many many many times. You can change your whole surroundings, you can move in a different area, you can jump into a different job you can do whatever you want to change the outer world, but if you don’t change your inner world, if you don’t change the beliefs, nothing really changes. That’s why we say: „Different places, different faces, but same experience“.

Because it comes from inside. It’s your inner reality that creates the world outside. It’s very simple if you see that. Then you can say „Oh, if it’s inside of me, maybe i have a chance to do something about it?“ And you have! You can change these beliefs, you can change these inner realities, you inhabit and you perceive as real at the moment.

Let’s say we stay at the example your belief is „Money is hard to earn“. Okay, so you tried three different jobs and you got a little more money, but still that’s the sentence in your head or in your gut or in your whole system. Still the sentence says „it’s hard to earn money“.

Okay, so the first step to change an inner reality. How do we do it? Let’s go back to the thing with the glasses. If the glasses we see the world through, is like that, but we want to change the reality. So we need to change the glasses. If this glasses would say, i see the world as „Money is hard to earn“. I would put that glasses down and now i take here another set of glasses. A different one and this one is looking into the world like: „Ah! Money is easy to earn!“ With these new glasses immediately i see a new world, because the subconscious mind is amazingly powerful, but we don’t see it really.

Because the subconscious mind is kind of hidden, is creating the reality you are believing, it gives you proof, whatever you believe. You can believe whatever you want. It’s not about truth. What is true is not the right question to go with. Better is to question: What Reality i want to see as true?

Because when i know every reality is kind of true and life confirms it, whatever i believe, really deep into me, then i can say: Okay, we don’t care about truth anymore, because we know everything is true in eight billion different humans. Life manages to prove eight billion different realities. That IS amazing! It’s really amazing, if you can see that.

So i can choose what is true for me and now i choose to see the world easier for me and i choose to see the world in a way that i say: „Money is easy to earn!“. If you believe that if you try to believe that, if you say that to yourself,  if you implement this thought into your system then your world and your experience of reality will change.

That’s magic! I call it magic, but it happens and it changes from inside, because now you are in control. You took the glasses you don’t want and put another set of glasses on that you do want!

It is that easy! And immediately rather quick, really quick, that’s also why i call it magic, the world changes. Why? Because your subconscious mind, the master of all reality, deletes all reality from your perception, that is not in tune with your beliefs.

It’s very important! I repeat that: The subconscious mind deletes all realities inside of you that do not match your set of beliefs!

So you can not see the world like that. You can not understand how for example a man with, let’s say a life that you want, but don’t have, actually sees the world, and actually perceives the world, because it’s invisible for you. It’s really invisible and it does not exist. Whenever you look for it without the inner representation of it, you won’t find it!

That’s also an amazing magical gift, because when you open up yourself to see new realities. Boom! Reality shows you new options. Reality sees „Ah, he’s open to see new realities. So we show him new realities, here they are.“ Boom! Boom, you get new options, you get new opportunities, you get new possibilities to experience the world, to earn money easier. Something like that.

To do that i must ask myself: „What is really really really real inside of me?“

Because mostly we we think, what we want to be real, is true for us. But it’s not! The truth is all around you. You can see it in your bank account, you can see it in your connection to your friends, you can see it in the connection to your lover, you can see it in the connection to your children, if you have any. You can see it in the connection to your workers or bosses. It’s everywhere.

Mostly when we think about the unconsciousness, we think we don’t know what’s going on there, because that’s why it’s called unconsciousness, right? But it’s not true! If you open your eyes and look deeply at your bank account and what are the results in your life. Then you have a very very good view on your subconscious mind! For example, like i said, if you realize: „Ah, inside of me is the belief „Money is really hard to earn“, then you must say that to yourself, and acknowledge that for yourself and believe that you believe that.

It’s not a hard thing to do that. It’s like saying okay i’m standing here, this is my real position and on this position is the program or the information saved „money is hard to earn“. Okay, i’m now in this position. If i want now to change that belief, that reality, that results on the outside then i can change that inside.

For example i open up myself to say maybe money isn’t that hard to earn that i thought it was. Maybe money is much easier to earn than i thought. Maybe money is enough for everybody and i can earn a lot of it if i want to. So i open up for new realities and again the subconscious mind allows you to see what you believe and deletes everything that you don’t believe and Boom! The reality changes! I love that. I’ve always loved that, when i see that in people. They started to believe something different and Boom, they got a different result.

It’s amazing, right? We don’t need to pull our realities outside of ourselves together. We don’t need to command everybody to do what we want. We don’t need to. It’s not like we build it up by ourselves. We don’t need to pull all these things, or here actually i’m standing in front of a house. I don’t need to build it up myself. I don’t need to find the ways, to build all this house by myself. I only need to find what i want inside of me and then from outside it comes reflected and go comes to me easily.

Very easily! Whatever comes to you easily and it’s in your life without any headache, that’s your belief, that’s your reality, that’s what is true for you and that’s what you experience without any effort.

We can say whatever is real in your life, is your inner reality and your outer reality. If you change it on the inside, it will change automatically easily on the outside. We don’t have to change the color of the world. We don’t have to control everybody, we only have to use a different set of eyes we look through into the world.

I like you to experience that and i like you to play with that new information. And i like you to give it a try. If you never did, then it’s a good option to do that now! 

You do it by taking a letter, take a piece of paper, and on the left side write down what you don’t like about your life and your actual reality. Write down on the right side what is your belief in relationship, in money, in work, in fulfillment and in love. Yeah, in all these areas, in health too. Health is also fantastically important. Your body is also a big symbol of your inner reality. Write down what is the true reality you are actually experiencing.

Because this is the true reality in your subconscious mind and you need to know it to change it. If you don’t know it, you cannot change it. If you ignore it, you cannot change it. If you want it different, but don’t like to see the truth, then it will not change.

You need to stand on the ground where this reality is created from inside and then say okay, i want to have it different!

Yeah! Let me know what are your experiences!

Sandro Paolini here and we will dive deeper in that in the second and also in the third video. See you soon and thanks a lot for watching!

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