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Why you Always get the same results!

Hello! Sandro Paolini from Sanur in Bali here.

Today i found the perfect way to show easily how we create reality as humans and why it makes sense to work on the inside on your realities and not so much on the outside. The outside still needs work yes and you need to take action definitely to change your outer realities but it’s much easier if you change the world inside first and then on the outside second.

The tool i found to make it visible for you is this. You know this sand moulds. So let’s play with some children stuff. If you use this sand mould and you make it full of sand and you place it on the ground, what do you think you will get? Right! So we do it again, there is a form you do it full sand and you check it on the ground what you’re gonna get.

The fish! We do it again to see if it’s really true and place it on the ground and what we get? You think you know it is a fish, right? You think you’re smart if you think you get a seahorse when you use the seahorse form, so what makes you think you got something different when you try something different in the outer world? Right?

It is the same, your inner blueprint of reality gets printed out and brings you the same result all the time.

And that’s the reason you always get the same result regardless what you try on the outer world. You need to change the form on the inside first. Then you get a different result on the outside. That is the reason you need to switch inside first and then you work on the outside and then you get easily different results on your life in your outside world and in your outside reality.

Clear, Right? Very easy. So have a nice day and please subscribe to the channel. You will always get amazing results in your life with that input.

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