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All Reality that evolves comes from within

Use the knowledge of Manifestation Expert Sandro Paolini:

In his first book „Your Inner Spiritual Maps“ he describes exactly the Map of your inner Realities and how these Realities conjure your outer experience of your Life. We get to know the 3 Realities we are using at the same time. Inner Reality, Social Reality and Physical Reality and how the Magic Reality combines all Realites into one.

His basic message is simply:

„All Reality that evolves comes from within.“

„Either from your conscious mind or from your subconscious mind that has much more power and always knows the best options for you.“

Learn how your Reality is build, how it is changed and how you can use the endless power of your subconscious mind for your life.

In his second book „Self Made Reality“ he describes exactly how you define and create Reality consciously from within. You learn 12 steps to manifest the Reality of your choice more and more into your own life. If you build Reality from within, Life can‘t help, but must reflect this reality into your life. I call this Magic, because it is always given to you like a gift. You don‘t need to control life to get what you want. You only need to be clear in the reality you want to manifest and focus on.

His third book is in preparation. In „4 Levels of Human Intimacy“ he describes that we humans use 4 different levels of reality: Soul, Mind, Emotion and Body. All these 4 levels can and do connect to other humans. And our 4 Levels of Reality connect autonomously without the help of our conscious mind, but with the help of our subconscious mind. We humans believe that we can control this. But looking deeply in human interactions and relationships on all levels like friendship, business and love we realise that there is a higher consciousness active, that is not our conscious mind.

In this book you learn how we humans connect really and what this means for our life and our connections. You learn what connections are and what connections are not. In modern life this is widely misunderstood and this brings a lot of pain and Drama. Understanding the fundamentals of human connections you can use human interactions in your life relaxed and with much more ease. You go with the real reality of human connections and stop fighting against them.

You can preorder this very special third book here.

Sandro Paolini also helps you in personal and group coachings with his Reality Finetuning.

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