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Use the Power of Decisions

Hello my friend!

Today we talk about decisions! Today i show you a very beautiful place and if you look here only this is amazing. But you will see more amazing things that only can come true by decision.

So this is inside and it looks amazing here, these structures are amazing. As you can see this is a Instagram pure point. There’s a lot of five six or seven meters high statues. So i have good friends here with me and they look really interesting. And all these style that you see here would not exist if somebody didn’t had a decision an idea like „Ah, let’s create that. Let’s shape that, let’s make something like this.

I love the view from here. It’s fantastic. So, yeah! You need a decision to get something that you want. And so we need to ask: „What is a decision? What is it not and how to get there?“

Let’s start with what is not a decision. It’s not a decision if you think „Ah, this sucks!“ or „It should be better“ or „It should be different“ or „It should be others“ or „I should be treated better“ or „I should have another life“.

Alll that is not a decision and that does not change your life at all! It doesn’t work like that. You need a decision and a decision is something completely different than being annoyed by something.

Even though i’m actually here from bali speaking to you, because i made the decision to live in heat. For me i came from germany. It’s always fucking cold in germany even in Summer it’s raining. The weather is horrible. It’s no fun to be there. It’s no fun to see all this time bad weather, bad rain, cloudy weather.

So i made a decision! And the decision was to replace the winter completely with something else. And the decision was to live in a world that is above 20 degrees celsius minimum. Even better 25! Above 25 that is what i want to live and that’s why i’m speaking to you from Bali.

And i decided i love jungle. I want to see something like this. I want to see jungle surrounds me. I feel better with a lot of jungle around me. A lot better! A lot more alive! A lot more happy! And i wake up at around 30 degrees and i go to bed around 29 grades and in the daytime it’s around 31. That’s hot!

You don’t need to decide to do that. But i made the decision and that’s why i’m here. Because i decided to leave back my old life. I decided to get rid of the old apartment. I decided to get rid of the whole stuff thats inside the appartment. Only because the first and big decision was i wanted to live different and i don’t want to live in this fucking cold anymore. I don’t like it, i don’t want it and i want something else.

But again being annoyed is not helpful to make a decision. But it adds up a little bit. It adds up a little bit of momentum to that. And for me a decision is something like, you know these

ski jumpers that go down from a big ramp, they go down and then they boom they fly like 100 meters! They fly! That is exactly a decision! You take a lot of energy and then boom you fly into the new world, into the new reality, into a new life.

Like me, now i’m living in jungle temperature, jungle culture, jungle flair and i love it. That’s what i want. That’s amazing for me.

So again, you need a clear description what you want, to get what you want. Very simple! If you say „Yeah i want a better life“ that’s not a decision. It is not a decision if you think „I want more money“. It’s not a decision if you think „I want more love and sex

and feel good with my partner“.

That’s not a decision. That’s moaning, that’s complaining, that‘s thinking it should be different. And it does not help you to get what you want.

So what does help? It’s very simple. Huh what are these guys doing there?

I think they decided to be dancers. You can see that. So they know how to do it.

[Applause] If you decide to be a dancer you need a lot of training and then you find other people that like to do that too. And then the reality creates more and more and more, but it needs a decision. Without a decision, nothing happens.

So the question is, what exactly do you want to live? And did you ever had the decision to realize it to get it into your life?

Did you or not and if not, maybe it’s time now to make a decision. „I want a different life and it should look like this.“ Or like this, or like something else. You make the points, you make the decision, you define what you want to live. It’s very easy when you make a decision. Then things start like the snow jumper: BOOM! It starts! Right? He has 100 meters behind him to go down and he has 100 meters in front of him to fly.

It’s very simple! So what actually is your decision to get to work in your life? What do you want to see in your life? And then make a decision and write it down on paper! You need to write it down on paper, because without writing down things – again – not much happens. Because you can look at it again and in your mind things fade out and if you don’t remember what was it exactly what i was wanting? But if you write it down, you can look at it and then you see „Yeah, my decision was to live for example 25 degrees plus“.

My decision was for example to be a dancer with other people. That comes into place if you make a decision.  And the decision is formulated in present tense and says „I will live in a world where …“ Fill in the blanks,  fill in what you like to see in your life.

Okay, so that’s Sandro Paolini from Bali and maybe you have a good idea. And if you have a good idea what you want to see, then make a decision and leave a comment in the comments what is your decision you want to see in your life?

And please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, because you will get a lot of good information how manifestation works. And you will get some nice pictures from my traveling and hot life. So Sandro Paolini from Bali! Have a good day and thanks for watching.

One last thing: This amazing place here, it’s called Taman Dedari in Bali and you can find the link where it is in the description of this video. If you scroll down you find a google link directly to this amazing place so you can see it for yourself.

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